About Counseling with Margaret

Littleton Colorado“It was amazing how perceptive and intuitive Margaret was regarding our family dynamics and difficulties.  She made very valuable suggestions regarding our parenting style, consistency issues and the importance of also taking care of ourselves.  Her session summaries are comprehensive and invaluable for easy referral regarding all of the information from each session.  Her session summaries are comprehensive and invaluable for easy referral regarding all of the information from each session.

“Margaret was not afraid to tackle difficult issues facing our family and suggest ways to improve our situation.  Some of these suggestions were very difficult to hear, but after the initial shock and final acceptance, we realized that she was right.  These changes took awhile to implement, but were definitely necessary to get our family moving in a positive direction!

“Margaret is a true blessing!  Not only is she a skilled therapist, she is a kind and genuinely caring person.  She actually follows up with her clients after the sessions to see how the families are progressing.  I wish we lived in the same state because we would certainly attend her group sessions.”

–Barbara and Phil, Colorado

“Despite years of therapy, alternative approaches, and interactions with healthcare professionals, my family was still wavering on whether or our daughter’s problem was serious, what should be done, or if anything even could be done.  Margaret’s wealth of knowledge and personal experience helped change our approach and perspective.  Her guidance with regard to pursuing information gathering, treatment options, and medication regimes has proven invaluable.  But what is more valuable, overall, is that she confirmed that there IS a problem.  Our daughter’s behavior isn’t merely bad coping skills or acting out – she has a serious mental illness that needs attention and care.”

–Marie, Oregon

“It was so important to hear a real person on the other side who actual knew what I was going through, was competent at understanding my struggles, and understood the pain and fears of a parent whose child’s life is being turned upside down.”

–Daniela, Washington DC

Portland Oregon“Rarely have I heard someone get to the heart of the matter so quickly, thoughtfully, and with such great insight. I know that meeting Margaret has inspired me to be a better mother to my children. Her ideas to cope with extreme behaviors have given me a new set of tools that I continually draw upon for the next event that may present itself. I now look at our situation with candor and the knowledge that I am not powerless.”

–Ann, Oregon

“My husband and I have often remarked that an hour with Margaret is worth a year with a family therapist. She just gets it and never failed to empower us with actions that we could implement immediately. Her practical insights always gave us the hope we so desperately needed. I have recommended her to many parents and do so knowing she can help and make a real difference.”

–Kathy, Arizona

“I made an appointment to speak with Margaret and was very happy I did! She speaks from experience and has so much knowledge. She made see things I did not realize and since [my nephew] was so abused at a young age, I was not aware of all the emotional damage he suffered and I needed to treat him differently and realize even though he was 19.  She really made me see not every teen or adolescent is the same and what happens in our early childhood, really plays a role in when we get older.

“It is scary because you do not want to see your child get in trouble, yet controlling them is not doing any good. So now he knows I am always here for him yet I am not going to enable him by doing for him and telling him how to live his life.

“I learned I had to stop the worrying and take care of myself because it was causing me so much anxiety which I never had, since he is now out on his own. Margaret made it clear to me that I have to take care of me first and stay healthy.  Margaret was great and I am so glad she has her website because after 18 years old, it seems like there is not much help. She has been great checking in with me from time to time, which really helps so much because she understands, when others do not.”

–Liz, New York

About the Book “Raising Troubled Kids”

“As both the parent of a teenager with a mood disorder and a professional working with other “troubled kids”, I wholeheartedly endorse this beautifully written and theoretically sound book. Parents of mentally ill children are often misunderstood, maligned, and misjudged. Ms. Puckette provides practical advice, encouragement and realistic, yet hopeful glimpses into the lives of those of us who walk this difficult path. In addition to owning a copy for my personal bookshelf, I am planning to buy multiple editions to use in my clinical practice!”

–Elizabeth, Oregon

As a parent of two children battling mental illness, I embraced this book as a fantastic tool for navigating this rocky, uncharted terrain. The biggest challenge for me, personally, has been the feelings of isolation, that no one could ever understand what I as a parent go through on a day-to-day basis. Margaret Puckette DOES. This book reads as a thoughtful, practical manual, chock full of anecdotes and insights from Margaret and others who are also surviving this journey. I keep this book by my bedside and refer to it frequently, for comfort, tools, and insight. A valuable resource!!”

–Pamela, Washington

“As a parent of a “troubled child” I found this book very insightful. It gave and continues to give me hope along this difficult journey I am taking in raising a child that has not yet been diagnosed but displays extreme behavioral problems. Anyone who has a child, a family member or even a friend that is going through this struggle could benefit from reading this book. I feel that the more people who are aware of the problems families with troubled children face, the more helpful we can all be of each other and therefore lighten the burden on many struggling families.”
–Keri, Oregon

“If I had Margaret’s book back when I was a probation officer, I would have recommended it to the families of every client I had.”

Roy, Nebraska

“Margaret has great insight into how it feels to be the parent/guardian of kids who don’t fit into the general population. As I read I would think “YES! – that’s exactly what it’s like”. I especially found it comforting to know that there are many of us out there facing these same issues, and that my family and I aren’t alone on this journey. Margaret gives good basic advice on how to make home-life better for all involved, great down-to-earth ideas, not pie-in-the-sky theories that are nearly impossible to implement in the real world. I, too, enjoyed the stories and anecdotes that so clearly reflect the real life experiences of families living with mental illness.”

–Faith G, Oregon


About Margaret’s Support Group: “Talk It Over”

“My son/grandson was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 14.  Neither of us had any idea what to do.  Both the mental health and school systems were complex and difficult to navigate.  We felt desperate, pressured, lost.  Then we found Margaret’s support group.  Within a month, we had an IEP in place, were handling the mental health issues and reaching an understanding of how to cope.   Nothing will ever be the same again but we can cope with it.  We call Margaret and her group a “lifeline” because for us it was exactly that.”

Victoria C and Paula N, Oregon

“Margaret does such a great job at facilitating the “Talk It Over” support group. She is extremely knowledgeable about the many facets of metal illness. She has real life experience, and always refers to solid, scientific research. She shows genuine caring and compassion for every person who shows up, no matter who they are or where they are at with caring for a troubled child. For me, it has been a safe place to talk about my son without feeling judged, and maybe more importantly to hear others’ stories and to realize I am not alone. I am grateful she continues to keep this group going, it is an invaluable resource for our community. Thank you Margaret!”

–Karen, Oregon