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Raising Troubled Kids” is for parents with a troubled child, teen, or young adult. It is a fact-filled and practical guide on how to get a stressful home under control, and includes techniques for working with a troubled child’s behavior while balancing the needs of the rest of the family. There is professional advice from therapists and psychiatrists who work with troubled children; hopeful research findings; and anecdotes and stories from parents, grandparents, and siblings.

Margaret Puckette lays out priorities that must be different from those of ‘normal’ families. It starts with how caregivers restore their mental health and draw together the whole family as a team. There are chapters on how parents regain authority; plan safety measures; set and enforce boundaries and structure that work for troubled children; handle day-to-day stress; make House Rules; and plan for a child’s functioning as an adult. Sprinkled throughout is humor, wisdom, and practical tips and advice from someone who’s been in the parents’ situation.

*Available in paperback and Kindle

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