Parents have the power to change the course of a difficult child’s life if they have practical information about what to do and how, which is customized to their unique child and family. With a solid understanding of their child’s brain and behaviors, and guidance on skills and techniques used by professionals, parents have turned their family’s and child’s life around. It happens all the time.
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Margaret Puckette is a compassionate and experienced counselor for parents of a troubled child, teen, or young adult with a behavioral challenge or addiction. She has been acknowledged as a Certified Parent Support Provider (CPSP) by the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health in Washington DC. Her book, “Raising


“I took away a lot of valuable information and an overall sense of hope from the knowledge and the experiences Margaret shared with me. It is obvious that her wisdom is rooted in compassion, courage, and humility”

Karen -- Son, 21, PTSD, anxiety

“Margaret blends the diagnostic skills of a clinician, the unconditional support of a counselor, and the practical wisdom of an experienced parent.”

Lou -- Son, 24, schizoaffective disorder

“I’m so grateful there are parents like you who give their time and wisdom to us!”

Bethany -- Son, 21, schizophrenia

"My husband and I have often remarked that an hour with Margaret is worth a year with a family therapist.”

Kathy -- Daughter, 18, borderline personality disorder

"Margaret is a true blessing! Not only is she a skilled therapist, she is a kind and genuinely caring person.”

Barbara and Phil -- Granddaughter, 14, PTSD, ADHD

“Margaret’s guidance with regard to pursuing information, treatment options, and medication regimes has proven invaluable.”

Marie -- Stepdaughter, 15, PTSD, depression

“It was so important to hear a real person on the other side who actual knew what I was going through, was competent at understanding my struggles, and understood the pain and fears of a parent whose child’s life is being turned upside down.”

Daniela -- Daughter, 18, depression, severe anxiety disorder

"Rarely have I heard someone get to the heart of the matter so quickly, thoughtfully, and with such great insight. I know that meeting Margaret has inspired me to be a better mother to my children.”

Ann -- Daughter, PTSD, OCD, depression

"She speaks from experience and has so much knowledge. She made me see that what happens in our early childhood really plays a role when we get older.”

Liz -- Nephew, 15, PTSD, depression, substance abuse

“I am indescribably grateful for Margaret! I appreciate her immensely!”

Laramie -- Daughter, 14, PTSD and borderline personality disorder

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My Book

Raising Troubled Kids” is for parents and family
members who live with a troubled child or teen.
It is a fact-filled and practical guide on how to

  • Improve the mental health of parents, who are foundational to the child’s wellbeing
  • Start the path forward by taking actions based on research and using effective techniques
  • Develop a strategic long-term plan for sustaining a child’s mental health over time
  • Guide their child into a functioning adulthood
  • Make and keep family and child wellbeing

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